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In a Gyrokinesis Class or workshop you will move through a series of organic physical, rhythmic movements and breath patterns that gently enliven and strengthen all of the systems of the body.

 Flowing though yoga like forms, Gyrokinesis movements use circular and spiraling motion patterns that work all major muscle groups and joint tissues interdependently. Movements are synchronized with breathing patterns, to open, release and stimulate the spine and the central nervous system.

Seated on low stools, on the floor and standing, exercises work all of the systems of the body, mobilizing the joints and strengthening the core. The continuous flow of postures aligns the bones, awakens the senses and the flow of energy in the body and creates an experience of open, free and fluid movement.

The gentle flowing movements in Gyrokinesis are accessible to all ages and ranges of ability and can be done alone or as a natural balance to other movement forms or practices of mind/body awareness. Gyrokinesis is also great for people working with injuries or chronic pain, dancers, pregnant women and athletes interested in expanding their range of movement and preventing injury.

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