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Dawn Strom

Gyrotonic Master Trainer, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Holistic Coach

This FREE Guide is for the person who is struggling with the daily aches and pains from poor movement habits and a lack of movement in their lives. The person who struggles to find the time for themselves to exercise and work on their bodies and take care of their health.

Often times it is a lack of the right kind of movement that causes you to feel sore and tired with a lack of energy at the end of the day. You may be busy all day, working…and sitting..and running your kids around and running errands..but you never actually get to stretch, breath and move your body like you are meant to move!

…and then you get home and you are too tired from your day of NOT moving that you can’t motivate yourself to do some exercise..so you go to bed and you wake up in the morning even more tired..and so the cycle continues!

A Gyrotonic movement practice can help you to address the pain patterns and wear and tear on your body created by a stressful, overly busy and sedentary lifestyle in a was that is simple, easy and motivating because it FEELS GOOD!

If this person sounds like you, sign up for my FREE Guide on Gyrotonic Movement and see if some of these benefits resonate with your goals!

I look forward to working with you!

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About Us!

GYROTONIC Fit is a Center for Gyrotonic Movement in Atlanta GA. We offer private sessions integrating the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Method and Gyrotonic Teacher Education. We are part of the C.A.R.E. Bodyworks Studio and offer an approach to Gyrotonic Movement that focuses on corrective and restorative exercise. We also offer massage and bodywork and Holistic Coaching. Learn more about our Team...
David Kirschbaum

David Kirschbaum

PositioCo-Owner, LMT, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, GA LIC #MT009521, GYROTONIC® Instructor, Golf Fitness Specialist,

Dawn Strom

Dawn Strom

Co-Owner, MLS, Holistic Coach, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Specialized Master Trainer

Emily Christianson

Emily Christianson

GYROTONIC® Instructor


The Gyrotonic Expansion System is made up of two methods- The Gyrotonic Method that utilizes specialized equipment and the Gyrokinesis Method that is practiced on stools as a home practice. At Gyrotonic Fit, we offer Private Session Programs that integrate the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Methods so you can practice on the equipment in the studio and at home with your Gyrokinesis home practice. See how these methods work below...

Get Started!

In a 20′ Discovery Session, you will:

  • Pinpoint your top 3 health goals, needs and challenges.
  • Discover what is getting in the way of you reaching your goals and overcoming your challenges.
  • Leave the session clear about your ideal self care and wellness program and how CARE Bodyworks or Gyrotonic Fit Programs can help you to actualize it.
  • Get the next simple one step you can take to start transforming the way you take care your body today!

We offer Discovery Sessions either on the phone or in person in our studio for your convenience.

See what our clients have to say...

Dawn is a true pleasure to work with! I sought her out for business coaching for a start up in the health and wellness space, but she has delivered above and beyond to mindset work, family coaching, and maternity planning as a business owner. My biggest struggles were time management and confidence, and Dawn walked me through some great techniques to significantly improve my most pressing pain points. Because she has given me a solid foundation, I return to these techniques as my business changes versus being dependent on receiving answers for each new challenge. She never fails to surprise with her knowledge or experience on so many matters and topics, making her one of the most well rounded educators I’ve met.

Elizabeth M

I have degenerative disk disease, and Gyrotonics, along with Dawn and David have kept me functioning and increased my strength and flexibility. Can't rate them high enough!

Jenny D

After back surgery as a teenager, I've tried a ton of exercise programs and nothing seemed to combine strength and flexibility in quite the right way. But I stopped looking after I was introduced to Dawn and Gyro! I'm stronger, more flexible, and my back pain is gone. I highly recommend working with Dawn!

Elizabeth HollandElizabeth Holland
Dawn Strom and David Kirschbaum are amongst the best of the best, in regards to Mind-Body Fitness and Wellness. As a fellow practioner in Mind-Body arts, I have worked closely and collaborated with them both. Their knowledge and skills are simply unparalleled in the Atlanta area! Highly recommended!
Mary K

Dawn is a fabulous Gyrotonic trainer! She's very intuitive and patient. I've been working with her for over 4 years and my mobility has improved greatly during that time.

Karen H

I have been a client of David for many years! More than exercise it is a lifestyle. David always gives personal attention and advice to maintain strength and flexibility!

Leslie H

C.A.R.E. Bodyworks /Gyrotonic Fit has made a huge difference in my ability to deal with a bad back. Gyrotonic movement is like yoga on an apparatus, a gentle and fluid approach to fitness. The instructors at CARE Bodyworks / Gyrotonic Fit are especially knowledgable and well trained and perfectly suited for the work they do. Dawn was originally a dancer and David has a strong background in yoga and massage therapy. And they both are dedicated to helping their clients get back up on their feet, moving and enjoying a very active life. Gyrotonic movement has greatly enhanced my understanding of how muscles work in opposition to one another, and that mechanical weaknesses can be strengthened through flexibility and breathing. I now understand much more about the complexities that go into making a “bad back,” and that much can be done to naturally strengthen my muscles and flexibility. Thank you Dawn and David!

Spencer BSpencer B

Five years ago, I developed chronic neck and shoulder blade pain. I was 22 at the time. After receiving an MRI, I learned I had a herniation at the T3-T4 vertebrae in the thoracic spine. I went to many doctors including physiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, and general practitioners and they recommended a wide variety of options. At my age, I decided surgery wasn’t an option. I tried yoga, pilates, dry needling, countless rounds of physical therapy, epidurals and while it all helped, it didn’t get me where I needed to be.

An acupuncturist recommended Gyrotonic. That’s went I met David from CARE Bodyworks/Gyrotonic Fit about 13 months ago. He is truly a miracle worker. After 5 years of searching I have finally reached a point where I feel in control of my pain and have a daily routine that allows me to function at 100%. I am virtually pain free. David’s integrated approach of neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release massage and Gyrotonic is unique and effective. His knowledge of the body and how it all connects is unparalleled to any other treatment I have received.

I recommend David to anyone searching for stress relieve, chronic pain management, or to heal certain injuries as an option before surgery. I will continue to go to him indefinitely.

Nancy VNancy V

Many thanks to Dawn Strom for sharing her experience, skills, knowledge and perhaps most importantly, her caring nature. Dawn is both my Gyrotonic instructor and my Health Coach. I am happy to report I am more health enabled, more flexible, stronger and more mindful of what it takes to maximize your opportunities for movement. I recommend Dawn absolutely!


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