Gyrotonic Fit offers the Level 1 Gyrokinesis Foundation Program with Master Trainer Dawn Strom


    1. Introductory Sessions
    2. Pre-Training
    3. Foundation Training
    4. Apprentice Review

******Certificate Course- offered through Gyrotonic International Headquarters. For complete  information about the Program and Certification, go to: Gyrokinesis Level 1 Teacher Training Program

Course Descriptions:

Pre-Training (6 days/24 hours)

In the Gyrokinesis Pre-Training you will learn the fundamental exercises of the Gyrokinesis Level One Curriculum with a focus on individual execution of the movements in the 60 minute format and understanding of the basic principles and homework exercises.  At the end of the pre-training you will be able to put together a full Gyrokinesis 60 minute workout to lead your self- practice routines.  The Gyrokinesis Pre-training is a 6 day course that can be broken up into two, three day segments.  The pre-training is taught by a certified Pre-Trainer or Master Trainer.

 ***Private Pre-Trainings with Dawn Strom are available upon request

Level 1 Foundation Training (9 days/40 hours)

In the Gyrokinesis Level 1 Foundation Course you will learn how to teach fundamental exercises of the Gyrokinesis Level One Foundation Course.  This course will focus on deepening your understanding and communication of Gyrokinesis principles and the 60 and 90 minute formats as well as introducing teaching tools and hands on.  Upon completion of your Gyrokinesis Foundation Course you will be able to teach a 60 and 90 minute class.  You will then enter your Apprenticeship period where you practice teaching both class formats as well as working on the basic principles and homework exercises with clients. The Foundation Course is taught by a Master Trainer and is a 9 day course that can be broken up into three- three day weekend segments. The course is about sixty hours in length or five hours a day.


 Apprentice Review (3 days/12 hours)

After you complete your Foundation Training you will have a 6-12 month apprenticeship period where you will teach a total of 30 classes.  Once you have completed 15 classes you will sign up for a 3 day, 12 hour Apprentice Review Course with a Master Trainer.  During this time you will review material and learn any material that was not covered in the foundation training.  You will practice teaching both the 60 and 90 minute formats as well as having time ask questions about your teaching practice.  After finishing your apprentice review, you will complete the remaining 15 hours of teaching classes and then you will go on to your final certification at the Gyrotonic Educational Headquarter in Miami, FL or in Germany- Click here for more information.

***for information on Gyrotonic Fit Apprentice Program, click here




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