About Us

Our Team 

The Gyrotonic Fit & Cherrytree Healing Arts Team is a collaboration between Dawn Strom and David Kirschbaum.  We are a family business dedicated to offering expert instruction in the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Exercise Method and integrative wellness programs to help you define and meet your health and wellness goals.

Our Vision

“Movement”- a change or development in something.

“Integration”- the coordination of processes in the nervous system, including diverse sensory information and motor impulses. Or the process by which a well-balanced psyche becomes whole.

Movement Integration  is a philosophy that recognizes the essential interconnectedness of all things and uses the experience of movement to help you connect to your deepest ever-changing self and embody your potential for wholeness and well-being.


“The movement of the mind is reflected in the movement of the body and the movement of the body in the movement of the mind. To move is to develop and strengthen the dynamic relationship between the mind and the body create a living synergy with one’s environment.” – Dawn Strom

Our Programs

We offer Private and Duet Gyrotonic sessions, Gyrokinesis Classes and Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Teacher Training. We also offer Gyrotonic sport specific training programs for Golf and Tennis, Massage & Structural Balancing and Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching to help you meet your fitness and wellness goals. 

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