In July, British Tennis Player Andy Murray won his second Wimbledon title using the Gyrotonic Method to help heal is body after back surgery and cross train for his tennis game.

The Gyrotonic® Tennis Program uses the unique three-dimensional movements of Gyrotonic exercise to enhance a tennis player’s overall performance, resulting in a notable increase in strength, speed, and flexibility. Circular and spiraling movements help to train dynamic and controlled 3 dimensional movement through space, improving agility and allowing the player’s motion on court to become more powerful and completely under control. The development of better balance and coordination can help prevent injuries. Tennis professional all over the world are seeing the benefits of the Gyrotonic methodology.


The benefits of Gyrotonic training for Tennis players include:

• Better body alignment, form, & integration
• Attention to footwork & placement of weight
• Strengthening wrists & forearms
• Increasing rotation of the spine
• Strengthening abdominal & back muscles
• Greater balance & agility
• Improved serves, volleys, & ground strokes
• Efficient use of the body, so that certain muscles do not get over tired, and others do not get under-used
• Improved breath control & focus
• Healthy and responsive muscles that decrease injuries

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