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Our studio is located at the corner of North Druid Hills Rd and Briarcliff Rd, we are convenient to midtown, Emory, Decatur, Buckhead and Toco Hills.  Gyrotonic Fit is the only studio dedicated exclusively to Gyrotonic Movement in Atlanta. We are equipped with two Pulley Towers, a Jumping Stretching Board, a Leg Extension Unit and a Ladder as well as massage and bodywork treatment room for our integrated services.

We provide personalized wellness programs integrating Gyrotonic Exercise, Bodywork, and Holistic Coaching for clients interested in developing greater body awareness, discovering pain free movement, cultivating self care and improving their quality of life and well being.

Our Location

Woodlake Office Park

2531 Briarcliff Rd, Suite 209, Atlanta GA 30339

For information or to schedule an appointment, call Gyrotonic Fit- 404-827-8766, or please fill out the email below and someone will be in contact with you shortly.


Woodlake Office Park is located on the South side of Briarcliff RD in between the Boston Market and the Ashford Apartment Complex. There are two entrance points for Woodlake Office Park.

1)You can enter off of Briarcliff Rd on the South side of the road across from Brighten Park Plaza (also known as Loehmann’s Plaza). There will be a sign that says Woodlake Office Park. We recommend parking in the front of the building and entering the building under the awning. You can go left up a few stairs and follow the walkway to the back of the building where you will hit a T and turn right. Suite 209 is on the left after you turn right.


2)There is a hidden side entrance that you can access off of North Druid Hills by turning in the QT on the corner and driving behind the QT and the Boston Market until you see a small side road on your left. Turn down the side road and you will be on the East side of Woodlake office park. If you park on the East side you can enter from the stairwell on the east side and Suite 209 is straight down the hallway when you reach the top of the stairs.




Cherrytree Healing Arts

Cherrytree Healing Arts Woodlake Office Park: 2531 Briarcliff Road, Suite 209 Atlanta GA 30329  

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