Gyrotonic Program for Golf

  • Play the game more consistently, efficiently and enjoyably
  • Hit the ball farther and straighter
  • Avoid injury and change flawed movement patterns

“Gyrotonic training …gives golfers the best combination of strength, flexibility and speed, all of which are essential to developing the golf swing to its full potential”  -Dave Rasmussen-  PGA Golf Instructor/ Gyrotonic for Golf Co-Creator

Gyrotonic training both stretches and strengthens your muscles while reinforcing the mechanics of a good golf swing.  Gyrotonic exercises support proper placement and use of the legs, tapping their power. Exercises open and strengthen your hip and shoulder turn, improve the spiraling rotation of the spine, strengthen wrists and forearms and improve arm rotation. When all of these improvements work together, a golfer’s swing is more efficient and consistent and injuries are prevented.

Gyrotonic Fit instructors are all certified to teach the specialized Gyrotonic Applications Program for Golf  developed by PGA Golf Instructor David Rasmussen. They will help you to improve how your body moves to enhance the efficiency of your golf swing and avoid injury so you can improve your game and play for a lifetime.

Specialized Golf Assessment is offered by David Kirshbaum



Discover how Gyrotonic can help your Golf Game

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