Gyrotonic Movement Education



You are in the right place if you are:

  • looking for a way to exercise that feels good on your body and helps you keep fit and active over your lifetime
  • want to get back to exercise after injury and would benefit from support of equipment and one on one instruction to prevent re -injury
  • If you are experiencing chronic neuromuscular pain, whether back, neck shoulder etc and want a holistic solution to addressing your pain and movement patterns, we offer Gyrotonic movement with a neuromuscular therapist.
  • want to feel more relaxed and less stressed in your life and is interested learning body mind movement techniques help you manage stress and increase well-being
  • A person who is experiencing back pain or range of motion limitations in their golf and tennis game and wants to explore a cross-training system that can help them increase their range of motion and play pain free.

We offer Gyrotonic Wellness programs that help you to exercise in a way that is low impact for your body, helps you stretch, strengthen and work your body as a whole and work on your posture and alignment to move to your fullest.  Movement Education Programs are taught by Somatic Movement Therapist and Master Trainer, Dawn Strom.  We also offer Gyrotonic Programs as an integrated package with our neuromuscular C.A.R.E. programs with David Kirschbaum to help you assess and treat chronic pain issues and movement limitations.

Interested in learning more about Gyrotonic and seeing if it may be a good fit for you?

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